Congressional language alters plans for NASA’s Habitable Worlds Observatory

Recipes for Forming a Carbon–Rich Giant Planet

The GAPS Programme at TNG – LV. Multiple molecular species in the atmosphere of HAT-P-11 b and review of the HAT-P-11 planetary system

Two-dimensional Eclipse Mapping of the Hot-Jupiter WASP-43b with JWST MIRI/LRS

Ethical and Practical Considerations for Populating a Distant Exoplanet: AI and Robotic Support vs. AI and Humanity

Debris Disks can Contaminate Mid-Infrared Exoplanet Spectra: Evidence for a Circumstellar Debris Disk around Exoplanet Host WASP-39

Use the 4S (Signal-Safe Speckle Subtraction): Explainable Machine Learning reveals the Giant Exoplanet AF Lep b in High-Contrast Imaging Data from 2011

CHEOPS in-flight performance: A comprehensive look at the first 3.5 years of operations

Chemical mapping of temperate sub-Neptune atmospheres: Constraining the deep-interior H2O/H2 using the atmospheric CO2/CH4

Longitudinal Filtering, Sponge Layers, and Equatorial Jet Formation in a General Circulation Model of Gaseous Exoplanets

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