Planet-sized laboratories offer cosmological insights

TESS Giants Transiting Giants. IV. A low-density hot Neptune orbiting a red giant star

Reconnaissance of potentially habitable worlds with Webb

Host-star Properties of Hot, Warm, and Cold Jupiters in the Solar Neighborhood from Gaia Data Release 3: Clues to Formation Pathways

Simulating the Escaping Atmosphere of GJ 436 b with Two-fluid Magnetohydrodynamic Models

Synechococcus sp. PCC7335 responses to far-red enriched spectra and anoxic/microoxic atmospheres: potential for astrobiotechnological applications

Novel Atmospheric Dynamics Shape Inner Edge of Habitable Zone Around White Dwarfs

BEBOP V. Homogeneous Stellar Analysis of Potential Circumbinary Planet Hosts

Simultaneous retrieval of orbital phase resolved JWST/MIRI emission spectra of the hot Jupiter WASP-43b: evidence of water, ammonia and carbon monoxide

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