Interstellar Updates

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May 7, 2021 updates

Modal Analysis of Electric sail

The post-main-sequence fate of the HR 8799 planetary system

Grid of Pseudo-2D Chemistry Models for Tidally-Locked Exoplanets. I. The Role of Vertical and Horizontal Mixing

Creep Tide Model for the 3-Body Problem. The rotational evolution of a circumbinary planet

Detecting General Relativistic Orbital Precession in Transiting Hot Jupiters

May 6, 2021 updates

A fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making approach for Exo-Planetary Habitability

Massive search of spot- and facula-crossing events in 1598 exoplanetary transit lightcurves

TOI-220 b: a warm sub-Neptune discovered by TESS

TESS and HARPS reveal two sub-Neptunes around TOI 1062

exoplanet: Gradient-based probabilistic inference for exoplanet data & other astronomical time series

May 4, 2021 updates

In-Situ Exploration of Objects on Oort Cloud Comet Orbits: OCCs, Manxes, ISOs

New Frontiers Mission Concept Study to Explore Oort Cloud Comets

Astrobiology at APL—On the Path to Discovery

ARES V: No Evidence For Molecular Absorption in the HST WFC3 Spectrum of GJ 1132 b

Sending a Spacecraft to Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov

ACCESS & LRG-BEASTS: a precise new optical transmission spectrum of the ultrahot Jupiter WASP-103b

Exomoons in Systems with a Strong Perturber: Applications to α Cen AB

The sub-Neptune desert and its dependence on stellar type: Controlled by lifetime X-ray irradiation

Shellspec39 — a tool for modelling the spectra, light curves, and images of interacting binaries and exoplanets

True Polar Wander on Dynamic Planets: Approximative Methods vs. Full Solution

The ultra-hot-Jupiter KELT-16 b: Dynamical Evolution and Atmospheric Properties

Superadiabaticity in Jupiter and giant planet interiors

May 3, 2021 updates

Comet Interceptor

The TOLIMAN space telescope: discovering exoplanets in the solar neighbourhood

Kleos Space develops tool for in-space manufacturing of large structures

Moral Circle Expansion: A Promising Strategy to Impact the Far Future

Absorption in exoplanet atmospheres: Combining experimental and theoretical databases to facilitate calculations of the molecular opacities of water

Resonant Chains of Exoplanets: Libration Centers for Three-body Angles

Planetary interior and habitability of exoplanets: Recent developments

TOI-269 b: An eccentric sub-Neptune transiting a M2 dwarf revisited with ExTrA

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