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The keynote speakers for our 7th Interstellar Symposium have been announced! Come with us to Tucson in September to hear Esther Dyson, Mark Shelhamer, and Avi Loeb, among with other fascinating presentations!

The early acceptance deadline for papers for the 7th Interstellar Symposium is rapidly approaching! If you are interested in submitting a paper for presentation at the Symposium, click on the link above to see the submission instructions and deadlines for submission.

The latest edition of our vlog, “From Here to the Stars,” is now online, with a special episode, “Scholar Ship Winner Hayden Morgan.” You can watch it in our vlog video gallery.

Our Interstellar Updates database is now available for public use! You can search the database at any time to find the items we’ve been collating for the past years.

Now we can proceed–they’re finally here! The proceedings from both the 5th Interstellar Symposium in Huntsville, AL, October 4-6, 2017 and the 6th Interstellar Symposium in Wichita, KS, November 11-13, 2019 are now available on Amazon!

The latest issue of our newsletter, “Have Spaceship, Will Travel,” is now available.  Take a look at it and enjoy!

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