Interstellar Updates

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September 16, 2021 updates

SETI as a Central Project: An Addendum to Space Development Futures

Exosphere Modeling of Proxima b: A Case Study of Photochemical Escape with a Venus-like Atmosphere

Three faint-source microlensing planets detected via resonant-caustic channel

Multi-scale photonic emissivity engineering for relativistic lightsail thermal regulation

September 15, 2021 updates

High Altitude Limits of Living Things

Intermittent Signals and Planetary Days in SETI

Not the Birth Cluster: the Stellar Clustering that Shapes Planetary Systems is Generated by Galactic-Dynamical Perturbations

Probing the atmosphere of WASP-69 b with low- and high-resolution transmission spectroscopy

Modons on Tidally Synchronised Extrasolar Planets

September 14, 2021 updates

Non-LTE spectroscopy of methane in hypersonic flow for the characterisation of hot Jupiters

Antennas searching for extraterrestrials threatened by wildfire

Q2 2021 Activity Report of the SETI Institute

Polarimetric signature of the oceans as detected by near-infrared Earthshine observations

New worlds, new chemistry, new ceramics

Spi-OPS: Spitzer and CHEOPS confirm the near-polar orbit of MASCARA-1 b and reveal a hint of dayside reflection

Rescuing Unrecognized Exoplanet Candidates in Kepler Data

Analysis of HAT-P-16b and TrES-3b Exoplanets by the Transit Timing Variations Method