Interstellar Updates

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June 3, 2021 updates

Defining Intelligence-Favouring Galactic Parameters For Targeted SETI Searches

Genetic Evolution Of A Multi-Generational Population In The Context Of Interstellar Space Travel

How Many Alien Probes Could Have Come From Stars Passing By Earth?

Human Hibernation for Long-duration Space Missions

THE WORMSHIP: A DARK ENERGY RAMJET – Engineering, SETI Detectability, and Implications for Cosmic Expansion

L 98-59: a Benchmark System of Small Planets for Future Atmospheric Characterization

Quantifying the Similarity of Planetary System Architectures

TOI-674b: an oasis in the desert of exo-Neptunes transiting a nearby M dwarf

Testing whether a signal is strictly periodic. Application to disentangling planets and stellar activity in radial velocities

June 1, 2021 updates

Space Radiation Effects: Comparison of Ovarian Toxicity of Low dose Gamma Radiation vs High LET Charged Particle Radiation

Astrobiology (Overview)

Predicting exoplanet mass from radius and incident flux: A Bayesian mixture model

A Community Exoplanet Imaging Data Challenge for Roman CGI and Starshade Rendezvous

Comparative Analysis of the Model for Exoplanet Atmosphere Outflow

Evidence Suggesting that ‘Oumuamua is the ~30 Myr-old product of a Molecular Cloud

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs: Spectroscopic orbits of nine M-dwarf multiple systems, including two triples, two brown dwarf candidates, and one close M-dwarf-white dwarf binary

Auto-Differentiable Spectrum Model for High-Dispersion Characterization of Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs

Transiting Exoplanet Monitoring Project (TEMP). VI. The Homogeneous Refinement of System Parameters for 39 Transiting Hot Jupiters with 127 New Light Curves

Evolution of Earth-like extended exospheres orbiting solar-like stars