Interstellar Updates

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June 17, 2022 Updates

An Integrative Analysis of the Rich Planetary System of the Nearby Star e Eridani: Ideal Targets for Exoplanet Imaging and Biosignature Searches

EOS-ESTM: A flexible climate model for habitable exoplanets

Did a giant radio telescope in China just discover aliens? Not so FAST…

June 16, 2022 updates

The strong suppression of Galactic cosmic rays reaching AU Mic b, c and Prox Cen b

EXOMOL photodissociation cross sections I: HCl and HF

CHES: An astrometry mission searching for nearby habitable planets

Atmospheric Overturning Circulation on Dry, Tidally-locked Rocky Planets is Mainly Driven by Radiative Cooling

Characterizing and Mitigating the Impact of Telluric Absorption in Precise Radial Velocities

Detailed abundances of the wide pairs of stars with and without planets: the binary systems 16 Cyg and HD 219542

Detailed stellar activity analysis and modelling of GJ 832: Reassessment of the putative habitable zone planet GJ 832c

TOI-3714 b and TOI-3629 b: Two gas giants transiting M dwarfs confirmed with HPF and NEID

June 15, 2022 updates

Methods of Low-Density Gas Simulation in the Context of Beamed Propulsion Techniques

Medical Countermeasures for the Hematopoietic-Subsyndrome of Acute Radiation Syndrome in Space

Godel Time Travel With Warp Drive Propulsion

Proposed energy-metabolisms cannot explain the atmospheric chemistry of Venus

Exoplanet atmospheres at high resolution through a modest-size telescope – Fe II in MASCARA-2b and KELT-9b with FIES on the Nordic Optical Telescope

OGLE-2018-BLG-0799Lb: a q ∼ 2.7 × 10−3 planet with Spitzer parallax

Identifying Exoplanets’ Potentiality for Life in Habitable Zones: Giving New Dimension to Cosmological

Stellar limb darkening. I. A new MPS-ATLAS library for Kepler, TESS, CHEOPS, and PLATO passbands

ET White Paper: To Find the First Earth 2.0

Eclipse timing variations in post-common envelope binaries: Are they a reliable indicator of circumbinary companions?

The Fermi paradox: Impact of astrophysical processes and dynamical evolution

June 14, 2022 updates

Gaia DR3 astrometric orbit determination with Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Genetic Algorithms. Systems with stellar, substellar, and planetary mass companions

Gaia Data Release 3: A Golden Sample of Astrophysical Parameters

Exoplanet two square degree survey with SAO RAS robotic facilities

Study of atmospheres in the solar system, from stellar occultation or planetary transit

TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME) VII : Membership, rotation, and lithium in the young cluster Group-X and a new young exoplanet

June 13, 2022 updates

Panspermia versus Abiogenesis: A Clash of Cultures

Using HITRAN to model opacities for planetary atmospheres: Test case of microwave spectra of NH3, SO2 and PH3

SETI in 2021

Apsidal Alignment and Anti-Alignment of Planets in Mean-Motion Resonance: Disk-Driven Migration and Eccentricity Driving

EOS-ESTM: A flexible climate model for habitable exoplanets