Interstellar Updates

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July 9, 2021 updates

Stable Morris Thorne wormholes supported by non-exotic matter

Infrastructure Design Concepts for Space Permanence

Expert habitat: a colonization conjecture for exoplanetary habitability via penalized multi-objective optimization-based candidate validation

Goldilocks planets ‘with a tilt’ may develop more complex life

On the applicability of Benford law to exoplanetary and asteroid data

New Giant Planet beyond the Snow Line for an Extended MOA Exoplanet Microlens Sample

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs — Planet occurrence rates from a subsample of 71 stars

July 8, 2021 updates

Joining the “Galactic Club”: What Price Admission? – A hypothetical case study of the impact of human rights on a future accession of humanity to interstellar civilisation networks

The Second Discovery from the COol Companions ON Ultrawide orbiTS (COCONUTS) Program: A Cold Wide-Orbit Exoplanet around a Young Field M Dwarf at 10.9 pc

An internal heating mechanism operating in ultra-short-period planets orbiting magnetically active stars

Spitzer phase curve observations and circulation models of the inflated ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76b

Furthering a Comprehensive SETI Bibliography

July 7, 2021 updates

Exoplanet Watch

The HD 206893 planetary system seen with VLT/SPHERE – Upper limit on the dust albedo and constraints on additional companions A34

Planet Occurrence Rate Correlated to Stellar Dynamical History: Evidence from Kepler and Gaia

Interstellar Now! Missions to Explore Nearby Interstellar Objects

July 6, 2021 updates

Solar evolution and extrema: current state of understanding of long-term solar variability and its planetary impacts

Kepler K2 Campaign 9 – I. Candidate short-duration events from the first space-based survey for planetary microlensing

On the detection of free-floating planets through microlensing towards the Magellanic Clouds

The Architecture of Multiplanet Systems as a Tracer of Their Formation Mechanisms

The Propagation of Strong Shocks into Planetary and Stellar Atmospheres