Adaptation of Photoautotrophs in Extraterrestrial Environments: Responses and Mechanisms of Survival

TOI-1685 b is a Hot Rocky Super-Earth: Updates to the Stellar and Planet Parameters of a Popular JWST Cycle 2 Target

The GAPS Programme at TNG – LIV. A He I survey of close-in giant planets hosted by M-K dwarf stars with GIANO-B

TASTE – V. A new ground-based investigation of orbital decay in the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-12b

Interstellar meteors from the tidal disruption of rocky planets on eccentric orbits around M dwarfs

The GAPS Programme at TNG – LV. Multiple molecular species in the atmosphere of HAT-P-11 b and review of the HAT-P-11 planetary system

Nonbiological Hybrids for Interstellar Travel: Melding Human Consciousness with Artificial Intelligence

Using A New Semi-Empirical Planetary Temperature Model to Define the Habitable Zone of Earth-Like Planets: The Critical Role of Atmospheric Pressure

Stellar Characterization and Chemical Abundances of Exoplanet Hosting M dwarfs from APOGEE Spectra: Future JWST Targets

Are WASP-107-like Systems Consistent with High-eccentricity Migration?

Early-time small-scale structures in hot-exoplanet atmosphere simulations

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