Recipes for forming a carbon–rich giant planet

Internal Nuclear Propulsion System for Future Space Applications

HST SHEL: Enabling Comparative Exoplanetology with HST/STIS

Identifying and Fitting Eclipse Maps of Exoplanets with Cross-Validation

Shallower radius valley around low-mass hosts: Evidence for icy planets, collisions or high-energy radiation scatter

Direct Imaging Detection of the Protoplanet AB Aur b at Wavelengths Covering Paβ

The Abundance of Chlorine in the Atmosphere of HD 87240

The GAPS Programme at TNG – LIV. A He I survey of close-in giant planets hosted by M-K dwarf stars with GIANO-B

Thermal structure of circumbinary discs: Circumbinary planets should be icy, not rocky

Examining the detectability of ringing on highly eccentric exoplanets

Repeating X-ray bursts: Interaction between a neutron star and clumps partially disrupted from a planet

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