Visualizing hidden communities of interest: A case-study analysis of topic-based social networks in astrobiology

Development of SunVoyager Interstellar Precursor Probe Driven by Inertial Confinement Fusion Propulsion

Euclid’s Early Release Observations science papers

KMT-2023-BLG-1431Lb: A New q < 10−4 Microlensing Planet from a Subtle Signature

A remarkable mistake II. The correct conclusion of the relativistic differential equation, Tsiolkovsky formulas and new equations of jet motion in interstellar space

A remarkable mistake III. Interstellar Flight Feasibility Analysis according to the new equations and Bassard’s idea’s_idea

NotPlaNET: Removing False Positives from Planet Hunters TESS with Machine Learning

JWST-TST High Contrast: JWST/NIRCam observations of the young giant planet β Pic b

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