Superluminal Spaceflight, Negative Mass, Closed Time Like Curves, Manipulation of Inertia by Advanced Electromagnetic Fields and Speculations on Time and Energy

Abiotic formation of alkylsulfonic acids in interstellar analog ices and implications for their detection on Ryugu

Comparison of Machine-learning and Bayesian Inferences for the Interior of Rocky Exoplanets with Large Compositional Diversity

Exoplanet Aeronomy: A Case Study of WASP-69b’s Variable Thermosphere

Observation of Significant Photosynthesis in Garden Cress and Cyanobacteria under Simulated Illumination from a K Dwarf Star

The Near-Infrared Gatherer of Helium Transits (NIGHT)

The GAPS programme at TNG. LVII. TOI-5076b: A warm sub-Neptune planet orbiting a thin-to-thick-disk transition star in a wide binary system

Spectropolarimetric characterisation of exoplanet host stars in preparation of the Ariel mission. Magnetic environment of HD 63433

MHD simulations of the space weather in Proxima b: Habitability conditions and radio emission

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