Decomposition of HCN during Experimental Impacts in Dry and Wet Planetary Atmospheres

Fermi Paradox versus Problem of Induction

The Concept of Life on Venus Informs the Concept of Habitability

Marine Science Can Contribute to the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Photodissociation and induced chemical asymmetries on ultra-hot gas giants – A case study of HCN on WASP-76 b

Imaging detection of the inner dust belt and the four exoplanets in the HR 8799 system with JWST’s MIRI coronagraph

GJ 238 b: A 0.57 Earth Radius Planet Orbiting an M2.5 Dwarf Star at 15.2 pc

The TESS-Keck Survey. VII. A Superdense Sub-Neptune Orbiting TOI-1824

How likely is the interstellar origin of CNEOS14? On the reliability of the CNEOS database

KMT-2023-BLG-2669: Ninth Free-floating Planet Candidate with θE measurements

A low-mass sub-Neptune planet transiting the bright active star HD 73344

Non-Detections of Helium in the Young Sub-Jovian Planets K2-100b, HD 63433b, & V1298 Tau c

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