Constant velocity physical warp drive solution

TESS and ESPRESSO discover a super-Earth and a mini-Neptune orbiting the K-dwarf TOI-238

Constraining the formation of WASP-39b using JWST transit spectroscopy

Potential surface ice distribution on close-in terrestrial exoplanets around M dwarfs

Project Hephaistos – II. Dyson sphere candidates from Gaia DR3, 2MASS, and WISE

Impact of Planetary Parameters on Water Clouds Microphysics

The Implications of Thermal Hydrodynamic Atmospheric Escape on the TRAPPIST-1 Planets

Exomoons & Exorings with the Habitable Worlds Observatory I: On the Detection of Earth-Moon Analog Shadows & Eclipses

Information content of JWST spectra of WASP-39b

Stellar X-ray activity and habitability revealed by ROSAT sky survey

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