Space Technology — A Short Introduction

Prioritizing High-Precision Photometric Monitoring of Exoplanet and Brown Dwarf Companions with JWST — Strategic Exoplanet Initiatives with HST and JWST White Paper

Revealing H2O dissociation in WASP-76~b through combined high- and low-resolution transmission spectroscopy

Direct detectability of tidally heated exomoons by photometric orbital modulation

How Rare are TESS Free-Floating Planets?

A Search for Non-Transiting Exoplanets with Optical Light Phase Curves from TESS Southern Ecliptic Sectors

A Report on Stellar Companion Mass Estimates within Our Solar Neighborhood

89 New Ultracool Dwarf Comoving Companions Identified with the Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 Citizen Science Project

Study of type II migration under the framework of the disk instability model for giant planet formation

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