The terrestrial trap: International Relations beyond Earth

The search for Life beyond Earth: search E.T life similar To Earth

The early Earth as an analogue for exoplanetary biogeochemistry

Artificial Broadcasts as Galactic Populations. I. A Point Process Formalism for Extraterrestrial Intelligences and Their Broadcasts

Artificial Broadcasts as Galactic Populations. II. Comparing Individualist and Collective Bounds on Broadcast Populations in Single Galaxies

Scattering of Giant Planets and Implications for the Origin of the Hierarchical and Eccentric Two-planet System GJ 1148

Super-Earths and Earth-like Exoplanets

How the presence of a giant planet affects the outcome of terrestrial planet formation simulations

The six-planet resonant chain of HD 110067

Computing the interaction of light pulses with objects moving at relativistic speeds

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