Four-of-a-kind? Comprehensive atmospheric characterisation of the HR 8799 planets with VLTI/GRAVITY

Habitability constraints by nutrient availability in atmospheres of rocky exoplanets

Constraining stellar tidal quality factors from planet-induced stellar spin-up

Turbulent Fluxes and Evaporation/Sublimation Rates on Earth, Mars, Titan, and Exoplanets

NLTE modelling of water-rich exoplanet atmospheres. Cooling and heating rates

Helium in the Extended Atmosphere of the Warm Superpuff TOI-1420b

Asymmetry in the atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-76 b

Implications of the discovery of AF Lep b – The mass-luminosity relation for planets in the β Pic Moving Group and the L–T transition for young companions and free-floating planets

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