Analyzing warp drive spacetimes with Warp Factory

LHS 475 b: A Potential Venus Analog Orbiting a Nearby M Dwarf

The Solar Neighborhood LI: A Variability Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs with Planets from Months to Decades with TESS and the CTIO/SMARTS 0.9 m Telescope

Toward Atmospheric Retrievals of Panchromatic Light Curves: ExPLOR-ing Generalized Inversion Techniques for Transiting Exoplanets with JWST and Ariel

Report of the Working Group on Strategic Exoplanet Initiatives with HST and JWST

Orbital obliquity of the young planet TOI-5398 b and the evolutionary history of the system

NGTS-30 b/TOI-4862 b: An 1 Gyr old 98-day transiting warm Jupiter

The Impact of Extended H2O Cross-Sections on Temperate Anoxic Planet Atmospheres: Implications for Spectral Characterization of Habitable Worlds

The GAPS Programme at TNG. XXX: Characterization of the low-density gas giant HAT-P-67 b with GIARPS

The Impact-driven Atmospheric Loss of Super-Earths around Different Spectral Type Host Stars

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