Revisiting the warm sub-Saturn TOI-1710b – The impact of stellar activity on the mass measurement

The Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

A Subsolar Metallicity on the Ultra-short-period Planet HIP 65Ab

Exploring Interstellar Communication through Gravitational Anomalies

Interstellar meteors from the tidal disruption of rocky planets on eccentric orbits around M dwarfs

Imaging detection of the inner dust belt and the four exoplanets in the HR 8799 system with JWST’s MIRI coronagraph

Singular Spectrum Analysis of Exoplanetary Transits

Necessary Conditions for Earthly Life Floating in the Venusian Atmosphere

Doppler Tomography as a tool for characterising exoplanet atmospheres II: an analysis of HD 179949 b

Optimized Bandpasses for the Habitable Worlds Observatory’s ExoEarth Survey

Self-referencing photothermal common-path interferometry to measure absorption of Si3N4 membranes for laser-light sails

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