Astrobiocentrism: reflections on challenges in the transition to a vision of life and humanity in space

A mission to nature’s telescope for high-resolution imaging of an exoplanet

A model of planetary formation that predicts migrated steam exoplanets and the radius valley

Searching the SN 1987A SETI Ellipsoid with TESS

The GAPS programme at TNG – XLIX. TOI-5398, the youngest compact multi-planet system composed of an inner sub-Neptune and an outer warm Saturn

Kepler Multitransiting System Physical Properties and Impact Parameter Variations

Numerical Performance of Correlated-k Distribution Method in Atmospheric Escape Simulation

nuance: Efficient detection of planets transiting active stars

The Diffusion Limit of Photoevaporation in Primordial Planetary Atmospheres

The TESS-Keck Survey. XVIII. A sub-Neptune and spurious long-period signal in the TOI-1751 system

The PFS view of TOI-677 b: A spin-orbit aligned warm Jupiter in a dynamically hot system

Magnetic field of gas giant exoplanets and its influence on the retention of their exomoons

The TESS-Keck Survey. XII. A Dense 1.8 R⊕ Ultra-Short-Period Planet Possibly Clinging to a High-Mean-Molecular-Weight Atmosphere After the First Gyr

The spectroastrometric detectability of nearby Solar System-like exomoons

TIaRA TESS 1: Estimating exoplanet yields from Year 1 and Year 3 SPOC lightcurves

TOI-1199:b and TOI-1273:b: Two new transiting hot Saturns detected and characterized with SOPHIE and TESS

The TESS-Keck Survey XXI: 13 New Planets and Homogeneous Properties for 21 Subgiant Systems

Ephemeris Matching Reveals False Positive Validated and Candidate Planets from the K2 Mission

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