The EBLM project — XIII. The absolute dynamical masses of the circumbinary planet host TOI-1338/BEBOP-1

Devolatilization of extrasolar planetesimals by 60Fe and 26Al heating

Cool Gaseous Exoplanets: surveying the new frontier with Twinkle

Rendez-vous with massive interstellar objects, as triggers of destabilisation

Migration of low-mass planets in inviscid disks: The effect of radiation transport on the dynamical corotation torque

Quantifying the Transit Light Source Effect: Measurements of Spot Temperature and Coverage on the Photosphere of AU Microscopii with High-resolution Spectroscopy and Multicolor Photometry

A High-resolution Non-detection of Escaping Helium in the Ultrahot Neptune LTT 9779b: Evidence for Weakened Evaporation

Muted Features in the JWST NIRISS Transmission Spectrum of Hot Neptune LTT 9779b

Eccentricity Distribution beyond the Snow Line and Implications for Planetary Habitability

Formation of the Trappist-1 system in a dry protoplanetary disk

Constraining the reflective properties of WASP-178 b using CHEOPS photometry

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