The GAPS programme at TNG – L. TOI-4515 b: An eccentric warm Jupiter orbiting a 1.2 Gyr-old G-star

The GAPS Programme at TNG – LI. Investigating the correlations between transiting system parameters and host chromospheric activity

A Combined Ground-based and JWST Atmospheric Retrieval Analysis: Both IGRINS and NIRSpec Agree that the Atmosphere of WASP-77A b Is Metal-poor

TOI-4201: An Early M Dwarf Hosting a Massive Transiting Jupiter Stretching Theories of Core Accretion

Ice-Ocean Interactions on Ocean Worlds Influence Ice Shell Topography

Populating The Milky Way: Characterising Planet Demographics by Combining Galaxy Formation Simulations and Planet Population Synthesis Models

HPIC: The Habitable Worlds Observatory Preliminary Input Catalog

OGLE-2023-BLG-0836L: The sixth microlensing planet in a binary stellar system

A revisit of the Mass-Metallicity Trends in Transiting Exoplanets

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