Mapping the structure of the planetary 2:1 mean motion resonance: the TOI-216, K2-24, and HD27894 systems

Meteorite Parent Body Aqueous Alteration Simulations of Interstellar Residue Analogs

Exoplanet Watch

55 Cancri e’s occultation captured with CHEOPS

Photosynthetic Fluorescence from Earthlike Planets around Sunlike and Cool Stars

A Second Earth-Sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of the M Dwarf, TOI-700

Emergent Spectral Fluxes of Hot Jupiters: an Abrupt Rise in Day Side Brightness Temperature Under Strong Irradiation

A Spectroscopic Analysis of a Sample of K2 Planet-Host Stars: Stellar Parameters, Metallicities and Planetary Radii

A deep radius valley revealed by Kepler short cadence observations

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