Refined MagSail thrust model for preliminary mission design and trajectory optimization

The Abundance of Belatedly Habitable Planets and Ambiguities in Definitions of the Continuously Habitable Zone

Optical Properties of Organic Hazes in Water-rich Exoplanet Atmospheres: Implications for Observations with JWST

A JWST NIRSpec phase curve for WASP-121b: dayside emission strongest eastward of the substellar point and nightside conditions conducive to cloud formation

Low-order wavefront control using a Zernike sensor through Lyot coronagraphs for exoplanet imaging: II. Concurrent operation with stroke minimization

A rocky exoplanet classification method and its application to calculating surface pressure and surface temperature

Twenty-five years of exoplanet discoveries: The exoplanet hosts

Redox state and interior structure control on the long-term habitability of stagnant-lid planets

The exoplanetary magnetosphere extension in Sun-like stars based on the solar wind — solar UV relation

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