Alcubierre warp drive in spherical coordinates with some matter configurations

TESS Giants Transiting Giants. III. An Eccentric Warm Jupiter Supports a Period−Eccentricity Relation for Giant Planets Transiting Evolved Stars

TOI-1075 b: A Dense, Massive, Ultra-short-period Hot Super-Earth Straddling the Radius Gap

Asteroseismic determination of fundamental parameters for exoplanet host stars with deep learning

The Similar Seven: A set of very-alike exoplanets to test correlations between system parameters and atmospheric properties

A JWST transmission spectrum of a nearby Earth-sized exoplanet

Detecting exomoons from radial velocity measurements of self-luminous planets: application to observations of HR 7672 B and future prospects

A Possible Converter to Denoise the Images of Exoplanet Candidates through Machine Learning Techniques

Conclusive evidence for a population of water-worlds around M-dwarfs remains elusive

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. A long-period planet around GJ 1151 measured with CARMENES and HARPS-N data

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