TVIW 2019 Agenda

This agenda will be filled in as speakers and presentations are confirmed. Check back regularly to see who else will be speaking!

Sunday, November 10, 2019 TVIW Seminars
8:30 AMRegistration opens in lobby
9:00 AMMorning Seminar
Life in Space, People of the Stars
Morning Seminar
Preparing for First Contact: Protocols and Implications
12:00 PMLunch (on your own)
1:00 PMAfternoon Seminar
In-Space Manufacturing: The Gateway to the High Frontier and an Enabling Technology for Human Space Exploration
Afternoon Seminar
Space Law: An Overview, Past, Present, and Future
4:00 PMRegistration moves to lobby
4:30 PMHospitality Suite open
7:00 PMOpening Reception

Monday, November 11, 2019 TVIW 6th Interstellar Symposium
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks (Nick)
8:30 AMGreg Matloff - Starflight Review
9:30 AMMarc Millis - Breakthrough Propulsion Study: Assessing Interstellar Flight Challenges and Prospects
10:30 AMCoffee Break
11:00 AMGeoff Landis - Power System for Miniature Interstellar Flyby Probe
11:30 AMDavid Messerschmitt - Some Challenges in Low-Mass Interstellar Probe Communication Downlinks
12:00 PMLunch at Distillery 244
1:00 PMPete Klupar - Breakthrough Starshot
1:30 PMDeana Weibel - Inevitability, Adaptability, Destiny: Religious and Non-Religious Arguments for a Human Future in Outer Space
2:00 PMKelly Smith - Can A Complex Universe Provide a Religious Inspiration Without Religion?
2:30 PMDavid Burke - Human-Machine Ethics: Experiments in Moral Responsibility
3:00 PMBreak
3:30 PMMichael Massa - Securing the Stars: The Security Implications of Human Culture for Crewed Interstellar Flight
4:00 PMAlexander Cohen - Damage to Relativistic Interstellar Spacecraft by ISM Impact Gas Accumulation
4:30 PMAndrew Higgins - Strategies for Mitigation of Dust and Charged Ion Impact on Laser-Driven Lightsails
5:00 PMAdjourn
7:00 PMBanquet at Hotel
8:30 PMWorking Track on Terraforming, Simmons Room

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 TVIW 6th Interstellar Symposium
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks (Nick)
8:15 AMJoel Mozer - Perspectives from the USAF
9:15 AMGeoffrey Landis - The Physics of Negative Mass: Applications for Propulsion and Interstellar Travel
9:45 AMGerald Cleaver - Calculation and Analysis of the Curvature Invariants for Transversable Lorentzian Wormholes and for Warp Metrics
10:15 AMCoffee Break
10:45 AMBrian McConnell - The Spacecoach
11:15 AMCathe Smith - Farmers in the Sky
11:45 AMLunch at Distillery 244
12:45 PMTimothy Swindle - Interstellar Material Within the Solar System
1:15 PMJames Schwartz - Near-Earth Resources: Short-Term Limitations with Interstellar Consequences
1:45 PMKenneth Roy - Terraforming Venus, and Similar Planets, using a Pneumatically Supported Shell
2:15 PMKatelyn Greene - Assessing Crewmember Musculoskeletal Health with Long-Duration Spaceflight
2:45 PMBreak
3:15 PMJeffrey Greason - A Reaction Drive Powered by External Dynamic Pressure as a Second Stage for Interstellar Flight
3:45 PMAlex Ellery - Will Self-Replication Technology Precede Interstellar Propulsion Technology? The Prospects for Interstellar Self-Replicating Probes and a Human Type III Civilization
4:15 PMJamey Jacob - Inflatable Technologies for Interstellar Missions: Bounce House to the Stars
4:45 PMAdjourn
7:00 PMSagan Meeting

(Working Track on Terraforming, Simmons Room)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 TVIW 6th Interstellar Symposium
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks (Nick)
8:15 AMSteve Durst - An Interstellar University in the Ad Astra State
8:45 AMGerald Jackson - Antimatter-Based Interstellar Propulsion
9:15 AMArtur Davoyan - Light Sails for Interstellar Travel
9:45 AMCoffee Break
10:15 AMJacob Erlikhman - Analysis of Light Sail Geometries and Stability for Directed Energy Interstellar Propulsion
10:45 AMJoseph Meany - Metamaterial-Enhanced Graphene as a Beamed Energy Sail for Interstellar Probes
11:15 AMReport from the Working Track: Terraforming

(After: Group Photo)
11:30 AMLunch at Distillery 244

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 NASA Propulsion Workshop
1:00 PMWelcome Remarks
1:30 PMAndrew Higgins - Overview of Directed Energy Propulsion
2:00 PMJason Cassibry - Reaching the Stars Utilizing Fission and Fusion Power
2:30 PMAdjourn
4:00 PMDepart for Cosmosphere Tour and Dinner
10:00 PMReturn to the hotel

Thursday, November 14 2019 NASA Propulsion Workshop
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks (together)
Parallel Session A (Keen Kutter A & B)Parallel Session B (Keen Kutter C & D)
8:15 AMPhilip Lubin - Overview of Directed Energy for Relativistic Flight8:15 AMIntroductory comments
8:20 AMJason Cassibry - The ALPHA Plasma Liner Experiment (PLX) - First Steps towards a Plasma Jet Driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion Reactor
8:45 AMPrashant Srinivasan, Peter Krogen - Directed Energy - Sources (moderator: Philip Lubin)9:00 AMTheodore Mouratidis - QUELLER drive: Q Uranium Enhanced Linear Long Endurance and Range Drive
9:30 AMWill Hettel, Jon Suen - Directed Energy - Beam Control (moderator: Philip Lubin)9:40 AMUri Shumlak - Fusion space propulsion system based on the sheared flow stabilized Z pinch
10:20 AMCoffee Break10:20 AMCoffee Break
11:00 AMGrover Swartzlander, Artur Davoyan, Geoffrey Landis, James Pearson - Reflectors and Spacecraft (moderator: Jon Suen)10:50 AMHafiz ur Rahman - Staged Z-pinch: a target for fusion and a possible source for interstellar propulsion
11:30 AMCharles Swanson - Beyond Pluto: Status of Direct Fusion Drive
12:00 NoonLunch at Distillery 24412:10 PMLunch at Distillery 244
1:00 PMJames Early, John Brophy, Andrew Higgins, Alexander Cohen, Chris Limbach - Intermediate Steps and Milestones and Hazards (moderator: Geoffrey Landis)1:10 PMThomas McGuire - Overview of the Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion Reactor (CFR) Project
1:50 PMRyan Weed - Fusion and Antimatter: A Hybrid Approach to Reaching 0.1c
2:30 PMRob Adams - State of Research in a Pulsed Hybrid Nuclear Propulsion Engine
3:00 PMBreak3:10 PMBreak
3:30 PMJeff Sheehy, Les Johnson, Ron Litchford - Panel: Roadmap and needed NASA and other agency Support (moderator: Philip Lubin)3:40 PMRay Sedwick - Direct Drive Fusion Propulsion with Centrifugal Plasma Confinement
4:30 PMAdjourn4:20 PMAdjourn
7:00 PMScience Fiction Author's Panel -
Public Outreach Night

Friday, November 15, 2019 NASA Propulsion Workshop
8:00 AMWelcome Remarks (together)
Parallel Session A (Keen Kutter A & B)Parallel Session B (Keen Kutter C & D)
8:15 AMDeveloping the Directed Energy Roadmap - Open Discussion with Directed Energy group (moderator: Andrew Higgins)Highly Energetic Nuclear Processes Roadmap Development
10:30 AMCoffee Break
11:00 AMDeveloping the Directed Energy Roadmap - Open Discussion with Directed Energy group (moderator: Grover Swartzlander)Highly Energetic Nuclear Processes Roadmap Development
12:00 PMLunch at Hotel
1:00 PMDirected Energy Roadmap Presentation (moderator: Philip Lubin) (together)
2:30 PMBreak
3:00 PMHighly Energetic Nuclear Processes Roadmap presentation (moderator: Ray Sedwick) (together)
4:30 PMClosing Remarks
5:00 PMAdjourn

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