An Interstellar University in the Ad Astra State

Author: Steve Durst, MA, Publisher, Editor, Co-founder, Space Age Publishing Company, and Ad Astra Kansas news and Foundation

Abstract Background: The rise of the Interstellar community, and even the unfolding of an Interstellar age, is a remarkable phenomenon of this new millennium / 21st Century — particularly its second decade. Centauri Dreams, as early as May 2013, inventoried the expanding list of interstellar organizations and initiatives: Tau Zero Foundation, Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, 100-Year Starship, Icarus Interstellar, Starship Congress, Initiative for Interstellar Studies (i4is), Breakthrough Starshot, Breakthrough Initiatives, among other enterprises.

Abstract Objectives:
An Interstellar University in the State of Kansas, with official motto ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’, is well suited to help host, support, inspire, and direct this Interstellar phenomenon. An Interstellar University (IU) is a timely 2019 initiative of high relevance and value to a wide range of Interstellar activities, such as those in Wichita in November, and to inaugurate and characterize the dawning 2020 Decade.

Abstract Methods:
For the Interstellar community, an IU provisional curriculum of high relevance and value can be found in the ‘Interstellar Research and Development” bi-annual feature of the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation newsletter, Ad Astra Kansas News, published consistently on schedule since 2001 / 2002. The 35 IR&D features provide a faithful chronicling during the first two decades of the new millennium of interstellar “Observation”, “Communication” and “Transportation” contemporary news events, developments and theories, which provide a template to evaluate the mission, direction and character of the IU in the 20s decade ahead.

Abstract Results: It is highly desirable that, pursuing an Interstellar University goal with IR&D information and networking from the Ad Astra Kansas News and Foundation, an Interstellar University could be founded in the State of Kansas by January 29, 2021 — 160 years after the admission of the State of Kansas into the Union.

Abstract Conclusions: Similar to the highly successful, influential International Space University in France, for Europe and the world, an Interstellar University and its graduates may generate science, technology, economy and broad education benefits and advances for the Ad Astra State, for America, and for other worlds, well into the 22nd century, if not centuries beyond.

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