Alien Earths – The New Science of Planet Hunting in the Cosmos

Secular evolution of circumbinary 2-planet systems with isotropically varying masses

Hyper Illumination of Exoplanets: Analytical and Numerical Approaches

Optimal Strategies for the Exploration of Near-by Stars

Development of a Simplified Quantum Receiver for Theoretical Interstellar Communication: Design and Feasibility Study

Catalog of variable stars in the WD 0009+501 and GRW +708247 fields based on photometric survey data on transiting exoplanets

Inclination instability of circumbinary planets

High-resolution atmospheric retrievals of WASP-76b transmission spectroscopy with ESPRESSO: Monitoring limb asymmetries across multiple transits

Direct imaging of exoplanets: Legacy and prospects

The XUV-driven escape of the planets around TOI-431 & ν2 Lupi

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