The importance of continents, oceans and plate tectonics for the evolution of complex life: implications for finding extraterrestrial civilizations

Magnetic origin of the discrepancy between stellar limb-darkening models and observations

Purple is the new green: biopigments and spectra of Earth-like purple worlds

Atmospheric Mass Loss from TOI-1259 A b, a Gas Giant Planet With a White Dwarf Companion

Astrometric detection of a Neptune-mass candidate planet in the nearest M-dwarf binary system GJ65 with VLTI/GRAVITY

Two-Dimensional Models of Microphysical Clouds on Hot Jupiters I: Cloud Properties

Exoplanet Detection : A Detailed Analysis

Machine learning-based identification of Gaia astrometric exoplanet orbits

Hot Jupiter Diversity and the Onset of TiO/VO Revealed by a Large Grid of Non-Grey Global Circulation Models

Interferometer measurements in interstellar communications: methods and observations

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