Image classification of retrograde resonance in the planar circular restricted three-body problem

Science with a Small Two-Band UV-Photometry Mission II: Observations of Stars and Stellar Systems

Which stars can form planets: Planetesimal formation at low metallicities

Long-term double synchronization in close-in gas giant planets

A.C.I.D – An Improved LSD Technique for Accurate Line Profile Retrieval

The TESS–Keck Survey. XIX. A Warm Transiting Sub-Saturn-mass Planet and a Nontransiting Saturn-mass Planet Orbiting a Solar Analog

Uncertainty Estimation in Exoplanet System Parameters

A fast photometric image alignment algorithm with row and column means

Experimental bed rest as a model to investigate mechanisms of, and countermeasures against, microgravity and disease-free inactivity

Free-Floating Planets, Survivor Planets, Captured Planets and Binary Planets from Stellar Flybys

A Novel Method to Constrain Tidal Quality Factor from A Non-synchronized Exoplanetary System

White dwarf systems: exoplanets and debris disks

Main-sequence exoplanet systems: tidal evolution

The Importance of Optical Wavelength Data on Atmospheric Retrievals of Exoplanet Transmission Spectra

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