Two totally connected superluminal Natario warp drive spacetimes with variable velocities

Evidence for transit-timing variations of the 11 Myr exoplanet TOI-1227 b

Three sub-Jovian-mass microlensing planets: MOA-2022-BLG-563Lb, KMT-2023-BLG-0469Lb, and KMT-2023-BLG-0735Lb

Helium in the Extended Atmosphere of the Warm Super-Puff TOI-1420b

Damping Obliquities of Hot Jupiter Hosts by Resonance Locking

TOI-1173 A b: The First Inflated Super-Neptune in a Wide Binary System

3D simulations of TRAPPIST-1e with varying CO2, CH4 and haze profiles

Tidal synchronization trapping in stars and planets with convective envelopes

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