An ESPRESSO view of the HD 189733 system – Broadband transmission spectrum, differential rotation, and system architecture

Into the radius valley

Astrobiology: life detection and the abiotic baseline

The Strength and Variability of the Helium 10830 Å Triplet in Young Stars, with Implications for Exosphere Detection

A Radio Technosignature Search of Six Resonant Sub-Neptunes Orbiting HD 110067

Transiting exoplanets with the Mid-InfraRed Instrument on board the James Webb Space Telescope: From simulations to observations

Planet Occurrence from Doppler and transit surveys, 2nd ed

A High-Resolution Non-Detection of Escaping Helium In The Ultra-Hot Neptune LTT 9779b: Evidence for Weakened Evaporation

Airy worlds or barren rocks? On the survivability of secondary atmospheres around the TRAPPIST-1 planets

Signs of magnetic star-planet interactions in HD 118203. TESS detects stellar variability that matches the orbital period of a close-in eccentric Jupiter-sized companion

The high-energy environment of the heavy sub-Earth GJ 367 b indicates likely complete evaporation of its atmosphere

Unraveling Variability and Estimating Mass Loss of Exoplanets in the Triplet Star System LTT 1445

Poynting-Robertson damping of laser beam driven lightsails

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