Theoretical Possibility of Quantum Stabilization of Traversable Wormholes

Domains of life sciences in spacefaring: what, where, and how to get involved

Magnetic Reconnection at Planetary Bodies and Astrospheres

Activity of the Young Solar Analog HD 109833 and Estimates of the Mass Loss Rate from the Atmospheres of Its Two Planets

The TESS-Keck Survey. XVII. Precise Mass Measurements in a Young, High-multiplicity Transiting Planet System Using Radial Velocities and Transit Timing Variations

Can Isotopologues Be Used as Biosignature Gases in Exoplanet Atmospheres?

Muted Features in the JWST NIRISS Transmission Spectrum of Hot-Neptune LTT 9779 b

Discovery of two warm mini-Neptunes with contrasting densities orbiting the young K3V star TOI-815

Alpha Centauri: Disc Dynamics, Planet Stability, Detectability

Role of Planetary Radius on Atmospheric Escape of Rocky Exoplanets

Majority of water hides deep in the interiors of exoplanets

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