How to make a habitable planet

Photon-Sail Trajectories Towards Exoplanet Proxima b

Solution of Weyl–Lanczos relations for Morris–Thorne wormhole

PLATO on the shoulders of TESS: Analyzing mono-transit planet candidates in TESS data as a prior knowledge for PLATO observations

Interstellar Quantum Signals: Theoretical Approaches to Detecting Extraterrestrial Quantum Computing and Entanglement Communications

JWST observations of K2-18b can be explained by a gas-rich mini-Neptune with no habitable surface

MOA-2022-BLG-563Lb, KMT-2023-BLG-0469Lb, and KMT-2023-BLG-0735Lb: Three sub-Jovian-mass microlensing planets

Hot Jupiter Formation in Dense Star Clusters

TRAPPIST-1 and its compact system of temperate rocky planets

TOI-2266 b: a keystone super-Earth at the edge of the M dwarf radius valley

Mysterious non-detection of HeI (23S) transit absorption of GJ436b

Wolf 327b: A new member of the pack of ultra-short-period super-Earths around M dwarfs

Inner Edge Habitable Zone Limits Around Main Sequence Stars: Cloudy Estimates

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