Cardiovascular Challenges Beyond Earth: Investigating the Impact of Space Travel on Astronauts’ Cardiovascular Health

Traversable wormholes in Finsler geometry under conformal motion

Issues of Ownership and Tourism in Outer Space

Research repertoires and boundary work in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI)

A Reply to: Large Exomoons unlikely around Kepler-1625 b and Kepler-1708 b

Orbital evolution of close binary systems: comparing viscous and wind-driven circumbinary disc models

Characterization of K2-167 b and CALM, a new stellar activity mitigation method

Gaussian Processes and Nested Sampling Applied to Kepler’s Small Long-period Exoplanet Candidates

JWST-TSTHigh Contrast: Asymmetries, Dust Populations, and Hints of a Collision in the β Pictoris Disk with NIRCam and MIRI

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