New spherically symmetric wormhole solutions in f(Q)-gravity theory

Exploring the Ability of Hubble Space Telescope WFC3 G141 to Uncover Trends in Populations of Exoplanet Atmospheres through a Homogeneous Transmission Survey of 70 Gaseous Planets

Exoplanet Science From Kepler

Staring at the Sun with the Keck Planet Finder: An Autonomous Solar Calibrator for High Signal-to-Noise Sun-as-a-Star Spectra

The tidal excitation of r modes in a solar type star orbited by a giant planet companion and the effect on orbital evolution II: The effect of tides in the misaligned case

JWST measurements of 13C, 18O and 17O in the atmosphere of super-Jupiter VHS 1256 b

The “Drake equation” of exomoons — a cascade of formation, stability and detection

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