Constructing traversable wormhole solutions in f (R, Lm) theory

Removing flares from the TRAPPIST-1 picture

The effect of sculpting planets on the steepness of debris-disc inner edges

TESS giants transiting giants V – Two hot Jupiters orbiting red-giant hosts

Masses, revised radii, and a third planet candidate in the “Inverted” planetary system around TOI-1266

Planetary perturbers: Flaring star-planet interactions in Kepler and TESS

Modelling the Light Curves of Transiting Exomoons: a Zero-order Photodynamic Agent Added to the Transit and Light Curve Modeller

3D Global climate model of an exo-Venus: a modern Venus-like atmosphere for the nearby super-Earth LP 890-9 c

Impact of Cosmic Rays on Atmospheric Ion Chemistry and Spectral Transmission Features of TRAPPIST-1e

Systematic Reanalysis of KMTNet microlensing events, Paper I: Updates of the Photometry Pipeline and a New Planet Candidate

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