Needles in the Milky Way Haystack: Searching for Dim Stars, Distant Planets, and Extraterrestrial Technology

Cold Jupiters and improved masses in 38 Kepler and K2 small planet systems from 3661 HARPS-N radial velocities – No excess of cold Jupiters in small planet systems

Constraints on sub-terrestrial free-floating planets from Subaru microlensing observations

Lava planets interior dynamics govern the long-term evolution of their magma oceans

Detection of atmospheric species and dynamics in the bloated hot Jupiter WASP-172~b with ESPRESSO

Fully fluorinated non-carbon compounds NF3 and SF6 as ideal technosignature gases

Evolution of the Planetary Obliquity: The Eccentric Kozai-Lidov Mechanism Coupled with Tide

Formation of inner planets in the presence of a Cold Jupiter: orbital evolution and relative velocities of planetesimals

ATMOSPHERIX: I- An open source high resolution transmission spectroscopy pipeline for exoplanets atmospheres with SPIRou

ATMOSPHERIX: II- Characterising exoplanet atmospheres through transmission spectroscopy with SPIRou

An adaptive optics upgrade for the Automated Planet Finder Telescope using an adaptive secondary mirror

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