August 28, 2023 Updates

DREAM III. A helium survey in exoplanets on the edge of the hot Neptune desert with GIANO-B at TNG

Interior–atmosphere modelling to assess the observability of rocky planets with JWST

TOI-1416: A system with a super-Earth planet with a 1.07 d period

Atlas of historical and proposed nuclear devices and power systems in the Earth-Moon System and wider Solar System

Is There an Earth-like Planet in the Distant Kuiper Belt?

Using Photometrically-Derived Properties of Young Stars to Refine TESS’s Transiting Young Planet Survey Completeness

Exploring the Use of Generative AI in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Impact of hot exozodiacal dust on the polarimetric analysis of close-in exoplanets

A compact multi-planet system transiting HIP 29442 (TOI-469) discovered by TESS and ESPRESSO. Radial velocities lead to the detection of transits with low signal-to-noise ratio

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