Synergies between interstellar dust and heliospheric science with an Interstellar Probe

The Galactic Interstellar Object Population: A Framework for Prediction and Inference

Potential Atmospheric Compositions of TRAPPIST-1 c constrained by JWST/MIRI Observations at 15 μm

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Exoplanet Atmospheres I. Thermochemical Equilibrium Models

A Search for exoplanets around northern circumpolar stars VIII. filter out a planet cycle from the multi-period radial velocity variations in M giant HD 3638

The Transient Outgassed Atmosphere of 55 Cancri e

Forming rocky exoplanets around K-dwarf stars

ACCESS, LRG-BEASTS, & MOPSS: Featureless Optical Transmission Spectra of WASP-25b and WASP-124b

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