The GAPS programme at TNG – XLIV. Projected rotational velocities of 273 exoplanet-host stars observed with HARPS-N

The Impact of Tidal Migration of Hot Jupiters on the Rotation of Sun-like Main-sequence Stars

Small but mighty: High-resolution spectroscopy of ultra-hot Jupiter atmospheres with compact telescopes. KELT-9 b’s transmission spectrum with Wendelstein’s FOCES Spectrograph

Revisiting Planetary Systems in Okayama Planet Search Program: A new long-period planet, RV astrometry joint analysis, and multiplicity-metallicity trend around evolved stars

A review of planetary systems around HD 99492, HD 147379 and HD 190007 with HARPS-N

CUTE reveals escaping metals in the upper atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-189b

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