Isotopic enrichment of planetary systems from Asymptotic Giant Branch stars

Azimuthal patterns in planetesimal circumstellar disks

A solution to persistent RFI in narrowband radio SETI: The MultiBeam Point-source Scanning strategy

Characterizing planetary systems with SPIRou: M-dwarf planet-search survey and the multiplanet systems GJ 876 and GJ 1148

Retrieval of the dayside atmosphere of WASP-43b with CRIRES+

Preparation for an unsupervised massive analysis of SPHERE high-contrast data with PACO – Optimization and benchmarking on 24 solar-type stars

The quest for Magrathea planets – I. Formation of second-generation exoplanets around double white dwarfs

Wapiti: A data-driven approach to correct for systematics in RV data – Application to SPIRou data of the planet-hosting M dwarf GJ 251

The chemical evolution of the solar neighbourhood for planet-hosting stars

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