The quest for Magrathea planets – I. Formation of second-generation exoplanets around double white dwarfs

Wapiti: A data-driven approach to correct for systematics in RV data – Application to SPIRou data of the planet-hosting M dwarf GJ 251

Discovery and characterisation of two Neptune-mass planets orbiting HD 212729 with TESS

Classification of Trajectories in a Two-planet Exosystem Using the Generalized Three-body Problem

A Stability Timescale for Nonhierarchical Three-body Systems

Interstellar Probe: Science, Engineering, Logistic, Economic, and Social Factors

Haze optical depth in exoplanet atmospheres varies with rotation rate: Implications for observations

TESS discovery of a super-Earth orbiting the M dwarf star TOI-1680

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