To Create Plant-Like Astronauts Who Can Adapt to Eternal Interstellar Expeditions

Identifying and Analyzing Multi-Star Systems Among TESS Planetary Candidates Using Gaia

Stellar pulsations interfering with the transit light curve: Configurations with false positive misalignment

Combining multi-spectral data with statistical and deep-learning models for improved exoplanet detection in direct imaging at high contrast

The first detection of an exoplanet that opened a new field in planetology

High-throughput Quantum Chemistry: Empowering the Search for Molecular Candidates behind Unknown Spectral Signatures in Exoplanetary Atmospheres

Generation of high circular polarization of interstellar Lyman α radiation triggering biological homochirality

Cloud Behaviour on Tidally Locked Rocky Planets from Global High-resolution Modeling

Evidence of Radius Inflation in Radiative GCM Models of WASP-76b due to the Advection of Potential Temperature

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