Cloud behaviour on tidally locked rocky planets from global high-resolution modelling

A Venus in the making? Predictions for JWST observations of the ultracool M-dwarf planet LP 890-9 c

Gliese 581c: Habitability Unlikely—but not Hopeless Either

Magnifying NASA Roman GBTDS exoplanet science with coordinated observations by ESA Euclid

RoSETZ: Roman Survey of the Earth Transit Zone — a SETI-optimized survey for habitable-zone exoplanets

A re-analysis of equilibrium chemistry in five hot Jupiters

Exoplanet Interior Retrievals: core masses and metallicities from atmospheric abundances

Rocky planet or water world? Observability of low-density lava world atmospheres

On the pollution of white dwarfs by exo-Oort cloud comets

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