Impacts of spaceflight experience on human brain structure

Gaussian processes for radial velocity modeling – Better rotation periods and planetary parameters with the quasi-periodic kernel and constrained priors

The Spin–Orbit Misalignment of TOI-1842b: The First Measurement of the Rossiter–McLaughlin Effect for a Warm Sub-Saturn around a Massive Star

The MUSCLES Extension for Atmospheric and Transmission Spectroscopy: UV and X-ray Host-star Observations for JWST ERS & GTO Targets

Implications of atmospheric non-detections for Trappist-1 inner planets on atmospheric retention prospects for outer planets

On the Perturbative Picture and the Chang-Refsdal Lens Approximation for Planetary Microlensing

Lazarus Stars: Numerical investigations of stellar evolution with star-lifting as a life extension strategy

Exoplanet Spectroscopy with JWST NIRISS: Diagnostics and Case Studies

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