Giant tidal tails of helium escaping the hot Jupiter HAT-P-32 b

Lost world of complex life and the late rise of the eukaryotic crown

Competitive exclusion principle among synthetic non-biochemical protocells

Assessment of the technological viability of photoelectrochemical devices for oxygen and fuel production on Moon and Mars

Refined parameters of the HD 22946 planetary system and the true orbital period of planet d

TOI-5678b: A 48-day transiting Neptune-mass planet characterized with CHEOPS and HARPS

TESS and CHEOPS discover two warm sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf HD 15906

Two warm Neptunes transiting HIP 9618 revealed by TESS and Cheops

TOI-4010: A System of Three Large Short-period Planets with a Massive Long-period Companion

The GAPS programme at TNG. XLVI. Deep search for low-mass planets in late-dwarf systems hosting cold Jupiters

The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets. XLVII. Five Jupiter-mass planets in long-period orbits, one highly irradiated Neptune, one brown dwarf, and five stellar binaries

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