Analysis of Proposed Active Radiation Shielding Design Concept for Spacecraft

Conditions for Convergent Migration of N-Planet Systems

CHEOPS finds KELT-1b darker than expected in visible light – Discrepancy between the CHEOPS and TESS eclipse depths

Transit Duration and Timing Variations from Binary Planets

The Dust Cycle on Mars at Different Orbital Distances from the Sun: An Investigation of the Impact of Radiatively Active Dust on Land Planet Climate

How Thin and Efficient Can a Metasurface Reflector Be? Universal Bounds on Reflection for Any Direction and Polarization

Surface Biosignature Detection From Exoplanet Proxima Centauri b

Orbits of the TOI-1338 and TIC-172900988 systems

GCM Constraints on the Detectability of the CO2-CH4 Biosignature Pair on TRAPPIST-1e with JWST

A superconducting nanowire photon number resolving four-quadrant detector-based Gigabit deep-space laser communication receiver prototype

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