The ‘Oumuamua Controversy: Bayesian Priors and the Evolution of Technological Intelligence

‘Oumuamua Is Not a Probe Sent to Our Solar System by an Alien Civilization

Directed Panspermia Using Interstellar Comets

On the Possibility of an Artificial Origin for ‘Oumuamua

Some Pertinent Issues for Interstellar Panspermia Raised after the Discovery of 1I/‘Oumuamua

Picogram-Scale Interstellar Probes via Bioinspired Engineering

A Short History of Panspermia from Antiquity Through the Mid-1970s

Astrobiological Implications of Interstellar Material in the Solar System

On the Application of Bayesian Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation to Exoplanet Atmospheric Analysis

The Nominal Range of Rocky Planet Masses, Radii, Surface Gravities and Bulk Densities

Measured Spin-Orbit Alignment of Ultra-Short Period Super-Earth 55 Cancri e

Discovery of TOI-1260d and the characterisation of the multi-planet system

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