Planetary Engineering Ethics: Mechanisms, Issues, and Consequences of Terraforming

A Solution to the Fermi Paradox Based on Adaptations and Diminishing Returns: On What Super-AIs Are Like and Why We Don’t See Them

First principles of terrestrial life: exemplars for potential extra-terrestrial biology

Extraterrestrial Life Signature Detection Microscopy: Search and Analysis of Cells and Organics on Mars and Other Solar System Bodies

Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE) – I. Improved exoplanet detection yield estimates for a large mid-infrared space-interferometer mission

Near-infrared and optical emission of WASP-5 b

K2 and Spitzer phase curves of the rocky ultra-short-period planet K2-141 b hint at a tenuous rock vapor atmosphere

A mini-chemical scheme with net reactions for 3D general circulation models – I. Thermochemical kinetics

Euclid-Roman joint microlensing survey: Early mass measurement, free floating planets, and exomoons

A Search for Optical Laser Emission from Alpha Centauri AB

The UV-SCOPE Mission: Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Characterization Of Planets and their Environments

VapoRock: Thermodynamics of vaporized silicate melts for modeling volcanic outgassing and magma ocean atmospheres

Trapping (sub-)Neptunes similar to TOI-216b at the inner disk rim: Implications for the disk viscosity and the Neptunian desert

TOI-1468: A system of two transiting planets, a super-Earth and a mini-Neptune, on opposite sides of the radius valley

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