Interstellar Propulsion Using Laser-Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion Physics

A causal limit to communication within an expanding cosmological civilization

The nutshell kings: Why is human space settlement controversial in the first place?

GJ 229B: Solving the Puzzle of the First Known T Dwarf with the APOLLO Retrieval Code

On Icy Ocean Worlds, Size Controls Ice Shell Geometry

The GAPS Programme at TNG XXXIX. Multiple Molecular Species in the Atmosphere of the Warm Giant Planet WASP-80 b Unveiled at High Resolution with GIANO-B

A Tendency Toward Alignment in Single-star Warm-Jupiter Systems

The SHARDDS survey: limits on planet occurrence rates based on point sources analysis via the Auto-RSM framework

Attempt to obtain the general relativistic planet’s motion by special relativity techniques

Is ozone a reliable proxy for molecular oxygen? I. The O2-O3 relationship for Earth-like atmospheres

Rogue planets and brown dwarfs: Predicting the populations free-floating planetary mass objects observable with JWST

GJ 1252b: A Hot Terrestrial Super-Earth With No Atmosphere

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