The Origin of Life: What Is the Question?

A ubiquitous unifying degeneracy in two-body microlensing systems

Predicting the Exoplanet Yield of the TESS Prime and Extended Missions through Years 1–7

TOI-1696 and TOI-2136: Constraining the Masses of Two Mini-Neptunes with the Habitable-Zone Planet Finder

Negative polarization of light at backscattering from a numerical analog of planetary regoliths

A statistical primer on exoplanet detection methods

Four sub-Jovian-mass planets detected by high-cadence microlensing surveys

The GAPS Programme at TNG: XXXVI. Measurement of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect and revising the physical and orbital parameters of the HAT-P-15, HAT-P-17, HAT-P-21, HAT-P-26, HAT-P-29 eccentric planetary systems

Galactic Kites

The Hubble PanCET Program: A Featureless Transmission Spectrum for WASP-29b and Evidence of Enhanced Atmospheric Metallicity on WASP-80b

Venus as an Exoplanet: I. An Initial Exploration of the 3-D Energy Balance for a CO2 Exoplanetary Atmosphere Around an M-Dwarf Star

The need for a public forecast of stellar activity to optimise exoplanet radial velocity detections & transmission spectroscopy

Dynamical essence of the eccentric von Zeipel-Lidov-Kozai effect in restricted hierarchical planetary systems

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